Introducing award-winning Sake Sling

A delicious, sparkling blend of Japanese sake, and all-natural fruit and botanical flavours.

Sake Sling is the perfect, ready to drink cocktail – serve with friends.

Refreshing sparkling cocktails

Yuzu & Melon

Mandarin & Cherry

World Premix Awards multi-winner:

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Ready to drink

Sake Sling has been created to introduce the world to sake and its incredible array of flavours, through a range of refreshing and delicious cocktails that you can enjoy on any occasion

about us

Sake Sling & Daimon Brewery

We use fine, craft sake from the celebrated Daimon Brewery and expertly mix with all natural fruit flavours and botanicals in the UK. 

Daimon is a traditional Japanese sake brewery, founded in 1826 and has been producing craft sake for nearly 200 years. Located in the Ikoma mountain range between Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, in the ancestral hunting grounds of the Japanese Imperial Family, the brewery is blessed with some of the best water in Japan.